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The Complete Guide to Eating Disorders: 2 Types, Symptoms and Is it fatal?

In a world where being in the spotlight and being in tip-top shape is the most important thing. People begin to associate their eating habits with distorted body images, which leads to poor eating patterns, body image, and identity. We immediately associate the term “eating disorder” with food. It is a severe mental illness that […]


Depression is a common notion mostly misunderstood as sadness and we are told that- “its nothing you will be fine”. When we tell someone we’re not doing well and are always upset, they always respond with the same phrase: “Oh, you’ll be fine.” Being physically fit is not enough. Laziness is defined as a state […]

The Negative Effect of climate change on: human health

Overview- The effect of climate change contains warming temperatures, changes in precipitation, and will increase within the frequency or intensity of some extreme weather events, and rising ocean levels. These impacts threaten our health by affecting- the food we have,  the water we drink,  the air we breathe,  and the weather we live in. It […]

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