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Generic drugs vs brand – are they both same? The Harsh Truth – ( 2020 )

Know how the generic drugs approval process works

Generic drugs

To get approval from the FDA, the generic drug must be equivalent to branded drugs. The chemical composition of these drugs must match with branded drugs. Only 20% of the variation is allowed. While actually, the observed variation is just 4%. One of the most important conditions is to use the same active ingredient as branded medicines. The active ingredient is the main component that makes a medicine pharmaceutical active.
It is required to get the chemical recipe but it doesn’t need to test as brand medicines do. For example, a blood pressure generic drug doesn’t need to show that it lowers blood pressure. 
It is manufactured under the same strict standards. The label is also the same. 

What to choose generic or brand?

Now the main question is what to choose generic or brand?
Brand name medicines are not always the better choice. Usually, they are expensive and are not afforded by everyone. Many people stop their medications due to its price. Here generic drugs always have our back. It is safe and effective but if you notice any symptoms after using then you should immediately consult your doctor.

Some important questions related to generic and branded drugs

Q.) Does every branded drug have a generic equivalent?
Ans) Not every branded drug has a generic equivalent. 
Q.) Can you save money by generic alternatives?
Ans) Yes, you can save money by choosing a generic alternative as they have no promotion cost so they are 
Q.) Are generic drugs safe?
Ans) Yes, generic drugs are safe and effective.
Q.) Do doctors know about the price of generic drugs?
Ans) No, there are a lot of medicines available in the market. It is difficult for doctors to remember every drug.
Q.) Does the FDA monitor safety issues with generic drugs?
Ans. Yes, FDA monitors the safety standards of generic drugs.

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