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How to get a good sleep (2021 report.)

Sleeping is an important part of our daily life but we don’t know how to get a good sleep.

A good night’s sleep is what we all need to overcome a hectic day. We need to recharge our bodies to endure the next day’s schedule. It seems even more important as we are living in a world where our employers (boss/manager) expect us to work non-stop. People do night shifts and sometimes they work continuously for 12 hours or more. In between the work pressure and other problems of our life. We forget to take breaks and that is what leads us to an unhealthy life.
We plan alot of things to get back in shape and try to get a healthy body. But what if I’ll tell you that you can get a perfectly healthy body just by sleeping? Yes, you read it right.

Problems caused by lack of sleep-

People don’t realize but lack of sleep can lead to very serious health issues. Some can be related to your heart and others affect your digestion.

  1. poor sleep causes weight gain. (Lesser-known fact is short naps are one of the major root causes of obesity.)
  2. Depression (lack of sleep can trigger mania.)
  3. Less productivity(Adequate sleep results in a more efficient and effective work environment. And sleep deprivation affects negatively your productivity and the quality of work you deliver.)
  4. Higher risk of heart disease and stroke (I am not saying that lack of sleep causes heart disease but health providers have found that adults who sleep 7 hours or less every day are more likely to experience heart disease, asthma, and stroke.)
  5. Affects your immune system (We believe that 6 hours of sleep is the ideal sleep time, but Researchers have found that a person with 7 hours of sleep was 3 times more likely to develop a cold than those who have slept 8 hours or more.)
  6. lacks in social interaction. (Fewer sleep effects on your social interaction ability. A person with less sleep tends to have mood swings, which also leads to unfriendly behavior. )

How to Avoid irregular or long daytime naps-How to get a good sleep.

Avoiding daytime short naps is not that easy. Whenever we feel sleepy while work or study we shouldn’t delay it with caffeine. People even try to hold the tendency to sleep, to the extent where they cannot open their eyes anymore. And it’s completely wrong. Daytime naps are like a guilty pressure for people who have sleep deviation. We cannot avoid it but can do it in the right way. Here are some proper ways to take short daytime naps:

You can follow these steps to take a proper daytime nap-

  • Keep the naps short.
  • Take naps in the early afternoon or before 3 P.M
  • Don’t avoid your naps while intaking caffeine.
  • The best napping time is for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Set a comfortable environment with a nice temp. dark light and few distractions.

Good sleeping positions:

If you think sleeping positions don’t hamper your good sleep, then you are wrong. Good sleeping positions are the key to a healthy body. There are people who struggle to sleep in the night and spend most of their either on their phones or while watching the ceiling, if this sounds like you, then you just need to know the best sleeping positions to get out of this-

  1. The left side rule– For a good night’s sleep, health providers advise to sleep on your side, and it would be better to say on your left side. The reason being it helps in your digestion and helps to reduce snoring.
  2. The fatal position– If you are looking for a comfortable sleeping position, you should give it a try. The fatal position has great benefits like- less snoring, good for pregnant ladies and it also reduces your lower back pain. Unfortunately, it has some downsides too. If your posture too tight it can limit your deep breathing while you snooze. And it’s also not for people who have joint pain and stiffness issues.
  3. The Flatback position– This sleeping position is the healthiest to get a good sleep. Your spines love it as it makes protects your spines while you are sleeping and keep them straight. Not only the spine but it also reduces hip and knee pain.

Let’s watch this video-

A good night’s sleep can also help in a number of brain functions, like how our never cells communicate with one another. You will automatically fall sick if you will not take proper care of your sleeping routine. Taking 8 hours of sleep is considered the best. But one should at least try to take regular 6 hours of sleep. Recent experiments have proved that our brain and body stay remarkably active while we sleep. We can also say that sleep works like a housekeeper in your brain and remove all the toxins from your brain. So, never underestimate the power of a GOOD NIGHT SLEEP.

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