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Is this the new normal ?

Several coronavirus variations have evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic as the virus, SARS-CoV-2, continues to change and adapt. The alterations in many of these variants have little or no effect on how the virus affects humans. However, some factors, such as genetic modifications in the delta variant, can make the coronavirus more contagious) than the original SARS-CoV-2 found in late 2019.In November 2021, a variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus emerged, and was named omicron by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The initial proof of Omicron’s rapid spread came from South Africa, where it quickly rose to supremacy in province after province. Researchers in other nations have been able to catch Omicron earlier in its upswing, and the results are the same: Omicron cases double every two to four days, far faster than Delta cases. Just when we thought we could party and go out to enjoy school/college life a new coronavirus variant evolved and now scientists think is covid-19 a pandemic anymore or its an endemic. Severity remains low but the transmissible rate is something to worry about. It spreads way more quickly as compared to the previous variant and that puts pressure on the hospitals.


When the vaccine came out we all thought it’s the end but is it really the end?
Omicron opposes the immune system and enters the body, no matter how many vaccine shots you’ve had. However, the severity of the infection is minimal, which is a comfort, but the main issue is that newborns and infants who were previously immune to the virus are now infected.

Now the main question arises: What are the symptoms of Omicron Variant?
Symptoms generally start with body ache, generalised weakness, fatigue, headache and fever in the initial days. Eventually, people will develop a cough, which is likely to be dry. They are also likely to develop cold, leading to water from the nose, sneezing etc. In at least 80 per cent cases, fever goes away in the first three days itself. However, if it persists, then that is a sign of moderate to severe infection which requires close monitoring. Since the Vaccines have failed to protect us from the virus it is important to wear a mask everytime we step out and follow all covid precautions to avoid contracting the virus.

Coronavirus is just not taking the end road and coming back every year in a form of new variant. Everytime we start getting back to normal covid comes up to remind us that our safety is in our hands and we are not getting rid of this mask anytime soon. Whether Coronavirus is natural or man-made still remains a debatable topic but one thing is for sure this virus is not going anywhere anytime soon and we need to learn to start living with it because we can’t stay indoors forever. The question of whether humankind will go back to normal still remains unanswered as the virus is mutating again and again. It seems like we need to make masks, sanitizers as essential stuff every time we go out. For time being mask up and protect yourself from this world stopping virus.

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