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We care for you at Personal Touch Pharmacy and as an extended support towards exceptional service our online store is now open for all to shop hassle-free

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Patient Counselling

As a pharmacy, we know what counseling matters to you. For effective pharmaceutical care, we acknowledge our responsibility towards you.

Patient counseling is a process of providing important information about your medications and assisting patients to take them properly. In this process patients are guided about how to take medicines, i.e. either with water or milk, having medicines before or after meals, etc. It helps patients in getting proper assistance and better results from medications.

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Medication Therapy Management

We provide medication therapy management, generally known as medicine use review. It aims to improve the outcomes by helping patients to know about health conditions and medications better. It will educate you on disease state and medications used in this stage. It ensures whether medicines are taken properly or not. It also reduces wastage of medicines. It also includes acknowledging you about dietary supplements. It includes the following elements
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Vitamins & OTC Drugs

We deliver a range of vitamin supplements. Multivitamins are a combination of different vitamins found in food sources. They are given to completed an incomplete diet. 

Our Shop is designed in a very strategic manner to help you find your vitamins right inn front of you categarized under Multivitamins. Visit our store to experience an amazing hassle free experience.

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Pet supplies and drugs

Not only you,but we take care of your pet also. We also offer pet supplies and drugs. After all animal life matters.

We offer a different variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items for different animals. We also deal in collars, toys litters, cages aquariums, etc.

We Offer

Durable Medical Equipment

Durable medical equipment is those medical equipment used in the home to aid a better quality of life. It includes nebulizer, iron lungs, CPAP, wheelchairs, etc.
At Personal Touch Pharmacy. We deliver high Quality DME Products right where you need it. With most affordable pricing and best in class delivery in New Jersey and other parts of United States. We take utmost care in providing you the best. Note: -Only your doctor can prescribe medical equipment for you.
We Offer

Surgical Supplies

Our range of supplies includes all type of surgical supplies. It includes all type of products including hospital equipment, surgical masks, sanitizer, etc. 

  • Face Masks and Exam Gloves, Bandages, Gauze, and Skin Adhesives, Disinfectant Sprays, Wipes, and Hand Sanitizer

With Personal Touch Pharmacy at your service, we help you with most durable and cost effective surgical supplies.

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