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How to take prescription medicines on plane?

It’s normal to be worried about carrying your prescription medicines on plane. As many travelers who are on any kind of medication worry about carrying their prescription medicines on the plane. There’s a misconception that certain medicines are not allowed on the plane or a lot of things like that. Today We are going to discuss all those topics to give you a clear picture of this matter.

How to pack your prescription medicines-

Let’s be real, we all love the part where we pack all our essential stuff in our luggage for traveling. Packing is kind of a fun activity. But do you know how to do it right, when it comes to packing your medicines? The first thing is if you are under any prescribed medication don’t forget to pack your medicines while traveling. Be sure to put them in your carry bag and not in any bag that might be separated or with the checked baggage. Even if you don’t think that you’ll be needing your medication while the journey or on the plane, it’s important to have your medication with you all the time in the event of delays or separations.

If you have a serious allergy be sure not to forget your EpiPen in your carry-on bag as well. And if possible, keep your medications in their original labeled container to avoid questions or delays at the security checkpoint. And if possible ask your physician to give you a written prescription for any medical conditions or medication that you’re currently taking. And please note that it’s important to know the generic and chemical names of the medication that you are taking, in addition to the brand names because physicians in pharmacies in other countries may be more familiar with that than the brand name we might refer to in the United States.

Rules you need to follow for taking prescription drugs through US airport security

Prescription medicines on plane

Check with the airline you’re flying with for any specific rules or regulations, as they may differ from other airlines. So don’t just assume and check the medication carrying rules before boarding.

Medically required substances you can carry on a Plane.

  1. Prescription and over the counter medications and supplies
  2. Breast milk and baby formula.
  3. Mastectomy products
  4. water juice”Liquid nutrition,” and gels that are necessary for a passenger with a medical condition.
  5. Bone marrow, transplant organs, and other life-sustaining materials
  6. Frozen gels or liquid packs(ice packs)

Tips to follow if you stuck at the TSK checkpoint-

Liquid medications are permissible in greater than 3.4 ounces and they do not need to be packed in a Ziploc bag. However, we would recommend you inform the safety officer beforehand to avoid any delay or interruptions. The same applies to refrigerated medications, which can be packed in a cooler bag or with an ice pack. It’s also important to note that jurisdictions may vary. Medications that may be permissible in the country that you’re flying out of may have different rules in that which you may be landing. Therefore never forget to tell the immigration officers upon landing which medications you have with you. Also, while traveling, be sure to take into account any differences in time as you do cross time zones to keep your medications on schedule. Lastly, in the event that your medications are lost or stolen, you may visit any US embassy for a list of pharmacists or physician’s offices that may be able to provide assistance.



  1. How much medicine can you carry on a plane?

If you have this question in your mind as you have to carry a longer dose of prescribed medicines, there’s good news for you. There’s actually no limit to the number of medicines you can carry on a plane. Be it solid medicines like- Pills/tablets or liquid form of medicines. But if you’re carrying your liquid medicines in your carry-on bag it has to be 3.4 ounces or less per item.

  1. What type of medicines are not allowed on the plane?

There are no such guidelines for this, as all types of medications, solid or liquid, are allowed on the plane. They only ask you to avoid items that can be used as a weapon.

  1. What to do to avoid problems at the TSK checkpoint?

Declare your prescription beforehand at the security checkup. And don’t use other containers for your medicines. Prescription medicines should be contained in their original package along with your doctor’s prescription printed on the packet/bottle.

  1. Are medicines allowed in checked baggage?

You can carry your medication on both your checked baggage and in your carry-on bag. But for your safety, it is recommended to keep your medication in your carry-on in case you need it in an emergency on the flight.

  1. Can you fly with prescription medicines that are not yours?

The answer is NO. As per the official guidance from CBP, FDA and TSA state that if you are carrying any medication on the plane it should be for your personal use or consumption only. Therefore, carrying medications that are not yours is not encouraged. 

  1. Can you carry non-prescribed medication on a plane?

Yes, you can carry OTC medicines. While onboarding you can carry pills, syrups, injections and ampules, balms, etc. medication that you will need during your journey. 


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