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7 lifestyle tips to stay healthy forever.

Is anything more important than your health and wellness? The answer is always a ‘NO’.

Stay healthy
There is nothing more important than your health and wellness. In general terms, the correct health definition is when you feel good about yourself and are more energetic. Keeping yourself away from health ailments is also included in health definition. The health definition itself gives a reason to not to ignore your health and wellness. It simply means to stay healthy.

Many of us neglect our health and wellness because of our busy schedule. But your health and wellness are beyond your time limits. Afterall no money or success is greater than your health and wellness.

We are not saying to have 6 pack abs, as per our health definition having disease-free and tension free life is perfect. You can gain this by following simple changes in your lifestyle.

                  Here are some tips to stay healthy.

Tips to stay healthy

Following these simple tips can have a great impact on your health and wellness


1. Have a variety of nutritious food

To stay healthy eat a variety of healthy food. Have a balanced meal that comprises a correct balance of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, roughage, fats and fibres. We need about 40 types of nutrients to stay healthy.  A single food can not give you all types of nutrients. You need to add different varieties. To balance out you can have high-fat lunch and then a low-fat dinner or you can have proteins at night and fibres the next morning. Only you can balance out your meals. Afterall a food choice can either be to stay healthy or stay unhealthy.

2. Switch to unsaturated fats from saturated fats

All food fats are not bad. Even fats are a good source of energy. It directly impacts your health and wellness. To have the maximum benefits switch to unsaturated fats. Saturated fats or too much fat can have a worse impact on your heart and body. While having fats keep some of the tips in mind:

  • Limit having saturated fats and avoid trans fat.
  • Have 1 serving of oily fish, that will provide you with enough unsaturated fats.
  • Try to boil, steam or bake the foods instead of frying.
  • Remove the fatty part of non-veg food.

These steps could easily help you in having the right amount of fats.

3. Have a variety of fruits and vegetables

healthy foods to eat
Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest food items available in the world. To stay healthy fruits and vegetables are the best choice. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibres. One should have at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables to ensure their health and wellness. You do not need to have it raw every time. You can have in the form of juice, salad, snacks, desserts and many more. Fruits are always tasty and healthy foods to eat.

4. Have less salt and sugar intake

A high salt intake can have a direct impact on your blood pressure. These are some important tips to stay healthy. There are many healthy foods to eat raw or the food that has natural sweetener in them.  To lower the sugar and salt content follow these simple changes in your lifestyle.

  1. Choose products with lower sodium content.
  2. Eat fruits and vegetables raw rather than sprinkling salt over them.
  3. Don’t add extra salt over food.
  4. Use spices instead of salt
  5. Have fruits as desserts instead of having a bowl of ice cream
  6. Always choose healthy foods to eat.
  7. Have fruit juices instead of beverages.


5. Drink plenty of water

Your body needs a minimum of 1.5 litres of water daily. If it is too hot then you may need more water. But one of the most common mistakes we make is that we drink different beverages when we are thirsty. The most important tips to stay healthy is to drink only water when we are thirsty. If possible drink lukewarm water when you wake up. It improves your digestion and strengthens the immune system. Water is also a great detoxifier for our body. It removes toxins from our body. It will also help you in maintaining healthy body weight.

6. Exercise, Exercise and Exercise

Exercise is important to stay healthy. There are lots of benefits to exercising daily. It not only regulates your weight but it also manages your blood pressure. It increases muscle mass and reduces body fat percentage. It burns off the extra calories and increases metabolism. Moderate physical activity is good for our heart and circulatory system. Exercise does not mean to hit the gym for hours but it simply means some physical activity. You can go for a walk or you can use the stairs instead of elevators. If you are working in an office you can go for a walk during lunchtime.
Make it as a part of your routine and you will never miss it out. Following it will make you stay healthy.

7. Have a regular sleep pattern

A normal person needs at least 8 hours of sleep. Have a regular sleep pattern. Try to sleep before 11 pm. Following a sleep pattern will improve your physical and mental health and wellness. Not only quantity but try to improve the quality of sleep as well. To improve your sleep try to avoid coffee or energy drinks before sleeping. Also, sleep in a quiet and dark place.

Bottom line


Simple lifestyle changes can be really helpful in changing your whole life. These tips to stay healthy might be proved useful to you. Other than these tips to stay healthy you can also follow some simple changes like having nutritious breakfast. You should never skip your breakfast. Chewing your food properly is also a great tip to stay healthy. Chewing properly makes your digestion simple and easy. The more time you take while chewing, the less time would be needed to digest the food. Using stairs instead of elevators can also be proved as useful. 

Hope you find this article useful.

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