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What not to do after Covid-19 vaccination.

Vaccination saves countless lives every year. Especially after this covid-19 pandemic. Vaccines work by coaching and making ready the body’s natural defenses system to acknowledge and defend the viruses and bacteria they aim for. After vaccination, if the body is later exposed to those disease-causing germs, the body is straight away able to destroy them, […]

How health and wellness will change in 2021

Overview– In this blog, we will discuss, why health and wellness have come to light. what is going to be the future of the health care industry? Why mental health awareness is important? And what are the things we need to do to stay healthy in 2021? So, The best thing about 2021 is that […]

Face masks: safety or fashion (MUST READ)

In 2020 the most important thing on our list when we step out of our house is a face mask. The most important reason for this forceful amendment is COVID-19. The covid-19 have taught us to keep personal hygiene. Washing our hands every now and then and always keep sanitizers handy. Covid- 19 have given […]

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