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5 things your eyes are telling you about your health.

Have you ever thought about your eyes health here in this blog we are sharing the 5 things your eyes are telling you about your health?

A pair of beautiful eyes can grab anyone’s attention. Eyes don’t only show us beautiful visions but they also show our emotions to people without uttering a word. We can learn a lot about someone just by looking into their eyes. Eyes are also called the window of your soul. But what do your eyes say about your health? Let’s find this out in this blog.

You’ll be shocked to know that your eyes can tell a lot about your health. You can just follow some basic steps to do a complete eye check at your home. Sounds fun right?

A quick glance or sideways look can give us more information than a person’s body language or words. However, the importance of the eyes won’t stop there. They also give us important clues about our own health. Bad eye health can give signals of other significant illnesses. Your eyes can give you clues about the rest of your body. If for any sudden vision loss, double vision, or watery eyes consult a medical professional immediately. The simple sign could point to an approaching stroke.

With that said- take some time and look into the mirror and check what your eyes are telling you about your health.

1. Blurry vision-

things your eyes are telling you about your health

It’s basically the result of focusing too much on a computer screen or mobile for a longer period.
Tips to fix it– Take quick breaks from the screen as much as possible.

2. Recurring style-

It can be caused by an ingrown eyelash or a minor infection in your eyelids. They can be painful and irritating but usually, they go away after a few days. Sometimes they require antibiotic treatments, and in rare cases, they could be malignant. If you are experiencing this pain and it doesn’t go away in a few days.
Tips to fix- Make an appointment with an ophthalmologist.

3. Dark spot-

Don’t confuse this with eye dark circles, as we’re discussing inner parts of your eyes. So if you have got a dark spot in your vision, you might associate it with an ongoing headache.
Some of you know dark spots as blind spots, they are also accompanied by lights or lines which are known as migraine auras.
Tips to fix– Close your eyes for a few seconds and get away from the light until the headache passes. As this is a temporary fix for a permanent solution consult a physician as soon as possible and get it checked.

4. Thyroid issues-

You might be shocked to know this but the thyroid gland affects your vision. The thyroid gland can cause two separate and distinct eye conditions. Eyelashes hair loss and protruding eyes.
Tips to fix– When parts of your eyelashes start to fall out don’t make a wish, visit a doctor as this could be indications that there’s an issue with the gland that controls our hormones and our metabolism

5. Yellow eyes-

It is well known that jaundice caused the whites of the sick person’s eyes to turn yellow. It is mainly a sign of problems in the biliary system that includes the liver, gallbladder, and bile duct.
Tips to fix- Try to stay hydrated and get some quality sleep also avoid exposing your eyes to sunlight. If it lasts longer visit an ophthalmologist.


Although the blog wasn’t that long, I’ll still try to summarise the complete blog in a few lines for those who are still not clear on how to take care of their eyes health. So in order to keep your eyes shiny and healthy just eat a healthy diet/balanced diet regularly, wear sunglasses while going out, avoid smoke, exercise daily, and take a good nap.

Some Questions/Answers related to eyes health

What is the yellowing of the eyes a symptom of?
Ans. Well most of us already know the answer to this one. Yellow eyes are symptoms of Jaundice. This condition actually discolors your skin tone and eyes color because of the bilirubin. We can’t call it a disease as jaundice is basically the sign of bad liver and gallbladder conditions.
Vitamin for eye health?
Ans. For a clear vision, your eyes need to clear it out and keep it moisturized, that work is done by the outer layer of your eyes called the cornea. Vitamin A helps us a lot to have a clear vision and it strengthens the cornea.
How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes
Ans. Eye dark circles are our worst enemy.
Here are few things you can try to get rid of it-
a) Massage your eyes with a cool compressor(ice)
b) Reduce salt intake
c) Go to bed on time/ get good sleep
d) Use herbal cosmetics

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