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Face masks: safety or fashion (MUST READ)

In 2020 the most important thing on our list when we step out of our house is a face mask. The most important reason for this forceful amendment is COVID-19. The covid-19 have taught us to keep personal hygiene. Washing our hands every now and then and always keep sanitizers handy. Covid- 19 have given us habits that will last longer and wearing face masks is one of them. There is a never-ending list of types of face masks available in the market right now. 

But, Do you know what a correct face mask is? Read this blog to find out!


We have been through a lot in this covid- 19 period. Sanitizers and face masks are our new normal. Before stepping out of your house, you need to wear a face mask. People are even buying different colors and designs of face masks to match them with their outfits.

We are posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram or other social media and even create handmade face masks. Some of us are still not clear what are the face mask benefits and wear it with the wrong technique.  

We are focusing more on matching our face masks with our clothes instead of wearing the correct face mask. if you are doing it too, then you need to ask yourself this question-


Are face masks for fashion or safety?

face masks

The point here is, we all started wearing the face mask with a sense of protection and gesture of care for the people around us. It helped us to slow down the spread of covid – 19. But now people either wear the mask incorrectly or wear it just for fashion.

You need to understand that, Wearing a face mask is not enough; you need to wear it correctly to acquire the face mask benefits.

The best face masks –

  • A mask made of the right fabric can be considered the best face mask.
  • It should cover your nose bridge area down to the lower chin of your face.
  • Can be washed and reused.
  • The best face mask shouldn’t affect your breathing.

5 Myth about face mask-

  1. The mask only protects others, and it’s not beneficial for the one, wearing it.
  2. If you are wearing a mask, you don’t need to follow social distancing.
  3. Wearing a face mask can affect your breathing.
  4. If you are wearing a face mask, you are weak.
  5. If you are wearing a mask, you can prevent covid-19.

Face mask benefits:

  • Wearing a face mask is a simple gesture of showing that you care for your friends, family, and people around you.
  • Some common face mask benefits are it works as a barrier to prevent your respiratory droplets from reaching out to others.
  • Face mask benefits are not limited to covid-19. It can protect you from dirt and dust. You can wear it even if you have a mild cold.

Now, let’s have a look at different types of face mask-


1. The homemade, cloth mask-

People take the handkerchief, bandana, or piece of fabric flat and wear it as face masks while Folding the top and bottom inward to meet in the middle and cover the face.


2. Double layered masks.

A double-layered mask is a 100-percent cotton mask made with a double layer of fabric. Researchers suggest that when you are using a homemade face mask, use double-layered or triple-layered fabric face masks as these are considered the best face masks.


3. N95 face mask

N95 Respirators

The N95 respirator could be a metastasis protecting device style to urge detailed facial work. it’s terribly economical within the filtration of mobile particles. The edges form a seal around the mouth and nose. They are used in Healthcare settings and are also called N95s.


4. Surgical mask

A surgical mask could be a disposable mask that has baggy. It creates a physical barrier and is regulated below twenty-one CFR 878.40.40. Surgical masks are referred to as face masks. They are available in several thicknesses and might block splashes, sprays, or germs.  It does not block small particles and is for one-time use only. One of the biggest disadvantages is that it has loose fitting and hence does not give 100% protection

5.Cup-shaped mask

The Cup Shaped Mask is a half-face protective Respirator, a piece of personal protective equipment effective in respiratory protection of the worker exposed to specks of dust, fumes, mists.

Precautions to be taken while using masks

  1. Wash and clean the face mask before using it.
  2. Wash or sanitize your hands with alcohol-based sanitizer before wearing it.
  3. Replace the face mask if it becomes humid or damp.
  4. Do not reuse disposable face masks
  5. Face masks should not be shared.

One thing you must remember at the end is face masks are helpful but they are not enough. Maintaining social distance and proper hygiene is always useful.  And remember to wear a face mask, even if you are not sick.

       Img. source: Google 




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