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Bananas are the powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants. Health benefits of bananas might amaze you.  It is an instant energy booster and is available worldwide. It is not only eaten as raw but there are many recipes out of it. It is mostly used in sweets, chips and curries. It is native to southeast Asia and is grown in warm areas. 
Bananas are a healthy source of carbohydrates and fibres. It is rich in vitamin C. Banana benefits are undeniable. 

Banana contains sugar in the form of sucrose, fructose and glucose. Sugar content in bananas is about 16% of its total weight. 


1. Bananas are full of nutrients

health benefits of banana
Banana benefits the body as it is packed with nutrients. One banana of nearly 120gms contains 33% of vitamin B6, 1.3 gms of protein, 3.1 gms of fibre, and 0.4 gms of fat. The vitamin B6 present in bananas helps to produce red blood cells, metabolising amino acids, and maintaining a healthy nervous system. A medium-sized banana contains nearly 105 calories. They are rich in antioxidants and fibres. They have a good amount of vitamin C that boosts immunity and absorbs better iron in the body. They are a great source of good carbohydrates. 

2. Bananas are good for digestion

banana nutrition facts
Bananas are rich in fibre and hence banana benefits our digestion. Bananas can cure constipation. Bananas consist of simple carbohydrates that are easily broken. Banana benefits many digestion problems like vomiting and diarrhoea. Banana also acts as a probiotic element and it increases good bacteria in our digestive tract to promote better digestion. 

3. Promote weight loss

Health benefits of bananas are countless. Banana is a weight loss fruit. It is high in carbohydrates but it is low in fat. It has certain attributes that lead to weight loss. An average banana contains about 100 calories. Even unripened bananas tend to suppress appetite which may be a good start to lose weight. 

4. Bananas reduce the risk of Cardiovascular disease

Bananas benefit heart health. It controls blood pressure and improves heart health. They are full of potassium that helps in controlling blood pressure.  Potassium is known for its blood pressure controlling ability and it is also a fact that people tend to consume less potassium in their diet.

5. Have insulin resistance? Unripe bananas are your saviour!

Insulin resistance is a severe disease. It can lead to type 2 diabetes. 15-30 gms of starch can help in managing insulin levels. Unripe bananas are a great source of good starch and hence could be proved helpful in controlling insulin. These are one of the amazing health benefits of Bananas

6. Bananas are good for kidney

Isn’t potassium a good element for your kidney? It is. Bananas are a great source of potassium therefore they regulate our kidneys. It can reduce the risk of kidney disease by 50%. Banana eating benefits your kidney. According to a survey, 850 million people suffer from kidney diseases. Isn’t it a drastic number?
Let us add one more dangerous thing that nearly 2.4 million people die due to kidney disease.
One more interesting fact is that- March 14 is celebrated as world kidney disease. If a banana can reduce the risk of such dangerous disease then why not just add it to our diet. 

7. A pre-workout meal

Bananas are a great choice for fitness freak people. It reduces muscle cramps and muscle soreness. It is an instant source of energy and can enhance our performance during a workout. You can have a banana before or after a workout or you can also add banana in your protein shakes.

8. Reduce depression and mood swings

Bananas contain amino acids and certain vitamins like vitamin C and B6. These are mood-boosting vitamins. Bananas may cure depression and lift your mood. Banana consists of tryptophan that lifts the mood. It also reduces the symptoms of PMS. So it one of the health benefit of banana to reduce depression and mood swings.

9. Fights Anaemia

Let’s add one more benefit to the health benefit of bananas. It fights anaemia, due to high iron content in bananas. Anaemia is a disease in which your red blood cells become less in the count and ultimately leading to shortness of breath, paleness and fatigue. This is the amazing health benefit of bananas. 

Banana nutrition facts

Here are some important banana nutrition facts

  1. Bananas contain 90 gms calories.
  2. It contains 0.3 gms of fat in which saturated fat consists of 0.1gms, polyunsaturated fats consist of 0.1 gms.
  3. It consists of 358 mg of potassium and 1 mg of sodium.
  4. It contains 23 gms of carbohydrates, out of which 12gms consist of sugar.
  5. It contains 1.1 gms of protein.


Interesting facts about bananas

Besides the health benefits of bananas, here are some interesting facts about bananas. These are:


  1. Bananas are radioactive and unique in fruits in the world.
  2. Bananas are less dense and hence can float in water.
  3. Bananas are the most popular fruit in America.
  4. The banana tree is actually herb.
  5. Banana is actually a berry.
  6. They are mood changers.
  7. They are an instant energy booster.
  8. Once putting a banana in the refrigerator it actually slows down the ripening process.

Final words


Bananas are a powerhouse of nutrients. Banana nutrition facts are also undeniable. Bananas not only improve our digestion but also enhance our immunity. It makes our weight loss journey easier and is a great pre-workout meal. In short, the health benefits of bananas are amazing and prominent. Hope you find this article useful. Be safe and stay healthy.  


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