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Obesity: complete information(2021)

We love eating too much and even if someone doesn’t like eating food, they have to because it the basic necessity of the human body. Eating food keeps you moving. Food work like fuel for the human body. Some eat to live, Some live to eat. The world revolves around these two types of people. But have you heard about a phase, which is- “excess of everything is bad” Yes, you are right I’m referring to that group of people who are eating too much without thinking about its risk. And ends up suffering from Obesity.
It’s not difficult to guess what happens when you eat too much, simply you gain weight and at worse you suffer from obesity. Eating too many calories that your body can’t burn on a regular basis leads to obesity.

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a health issue that causes accessive fat in your body. When people eat too much, excessive fat gets collected in the body. Having excessive fat means being overweight or obese. It can also be defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of 30 kg/m2 or more. The range 25-30kg/m2 is defined as overweight. You can measure your body mass index by dividing your weight by the square of your height. A person can have fat in all parts of his body but in obesity, it’s particularly distributed around the waist circumference.

BMI chart:

Men and women with a waist measurement of 94cm or more are considered to be obese and are likely to develop weight-related health issues.
Symptoms of Obesity are having a BMI of 30 or more. Obesity can be categorized as:
BMI OF 30 Obese (class I)
BMI of 35- 39.9 Obese (class II)
BMI of 40 and higher Obese (class III)

Symptoms of Obesity-

Weight gain can be considered as a cosmetic issue but not here as the symptoms are really vital and affect the daily life of the patients. Few people also experience serious health issues along with some mental illness. This disease is not only limited to adults we can see the symptoms in children, as well as obesity, which can occur in any age group.
Symptoms in Adults:
Excessive body fat accumulation especially around the waist area.
Short breath.
Excessive sweating.
trouble in sleep.
Skin-related issues.
Symptoms in Children’s-
High blood pressure
risk of cardiovascular disease
impaired glucose tolerance
insulin resistance
Type 2 diabetes
asthma and sleep apnea

How many people die from Obesity

You’ll be shocked to know that people die from eating too much food. As per the research, obesity is the fifth leading risk of death in the US. As it is associated with poor mental health and depression. Around 2.8 million adults lose their life each year fighting obesity. Being overweight really risks your life and gives you a really hard time. Obesity risk includes diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and different types of cancer.

How to prevent obesity?


The best exercise for curing Obesity is walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, Weight lifting, push-ups, and building muscle mass to strengthen your muscles. You can also try some yoga postures and interval training.

Avoid alcohol

The excess consumption of alcohol leads to alcoholic fatty liver. And also grows your body fat. You need to cut down your alcohol consumption quantity drinking more than 7 times a week leads to an increased risk of weight gain.

Avoid junk food

Junk food gives you nothing but alot of calories which your body struggles to burn and that leads you to the risk of being overweight. Try to avoid junk food and plan your meals ahead of time to avoid cravings. Replace your favorite junk food with some tasty healthy food and try to grow the habit of eating healthy food.

Start eating healthy food

There are alot of healthy foods you can add to your meal to prevent fat, like- Whole grains, Vegetables, Whole fruits, dry fruits, and plant oils.

Reduce stress

Some researchers have found that Stress causes you to accumulate more fat or slowdowns fat metabolism.
Watch this video-

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