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How to increase metabolism in 2021?

Before diving deep into the topic of how to increase metabolism and its benefits, first, we need to understand what metabolism is? And how it works.
So metabolism is a set of life-sustaining chemical process which is also, a biochemical process by which the food you eat get broken down into energy. 

Fun fact– many people believe that the word metabolism has something to do with weight loss and fitness. Well, they are not completely wrong as the study of metabolism does include research about how cells build, store and break down fat, but metabolism is far more interesting than just weight loss trends. Let’s find out how!

You should know that having excess body fat is a major health risk. Excess body fat can increase your risk of developing many health diseases like- Diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and even cancer. Don’t worry. You can shrug it off by following a healthy diet and increasing your metabolism. 

How to increase your metabolism?

First, you need to reduce your body fat by consuming fewer calories than you burn off. This means that you must make better food choices and follow a healthy diet routine.

Here are some of the foods that boost metabolism which you can add to your diet-


 (It has been used as a digestive aid, it also helps in soothing the stomach and reducing inflammation in the digestive system. The heat it creates boosted the metabolism by raising the internal temperature of the body and results in providing a slimmer and healthier-looking tummy.)

How to increase your metabolism



(let’s be real, we don’t actually like its taste but we cannot deny its benefits too. Green tea has catechins, substances that some specialists believe facilitate burning belly fat.)


(From cayenne to garlic to cinnamon spices are one of the best ways you can keep your metabolic rates high. Especially speedy are more pungent spices, such as Black pepper, mustard seeds, powdered onions, and ginger(we have already mentioned it above in the blog).


(They are not only delicious in taste but also great in maintaining a high metabolism rate. Berries are packed with fiber and essential for starving off your hunger and regulating your insulin production)

foods that boost metabolism 


(They are considered to be high in vitamin B. This naturally aids a healthy metabolism, it’s also high in fiber and other antioxidants. Which results in maintaining your insulin levels and makes you feel fuller for a longer time.)

6. COCONUT WATER- (If you ever feel dehydrated your first choice should  be coconut water as they are super-hydrated and keeps you from getting dehydrated. And also disrupts your metabolism)

7. WATER -(Apart from being the basic necessity of living beings, water plays an important role in boosting metabolism. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily can help you to keep your system in check)
So, these were some foods that boost metabolism, and if you are looking for more to boost your metabolism than, read the complete blog.

How to speed up metabolism-

Exercising can also play a vital role in boosting your metabolism and keeping you fit. But let’s accept it, some of us are too lazy to do that, right?
A gym membership and healthy food are luxuries that not everyone can afford, some of us are too busy or lazy to put in the time and effort.

 But I’m here with some amazing and easy to follow tips to save your day:)

There are some simpler and a lot easier proven ways to get good immunity and boost your metabolism. Like:

  • Eat small meals before eating your proper meal(Soup will be the best choice as a pre-meal.)

  • Spice up your food (If you’re a person who loves spicy food then, this tip will change your life. eating spicy food can actually boost up your  metabolism up to 8%) 

  • Eat healthy snacks between your meals, which will help you to keep your tummy full and you’ll start eating slower, which helps you to boost your metabolism.

  • Sleep more (well, not gonna lie but this one is my personal favorite. Sleeping more can actually prevent you from putting on unwanted pounds. Getting proper rest is really important for your body to function well and keep you healthy. Researchers have found that people who slept in rooms with a temperature of around 66 degrees burned 7% more calories than those who slept in warmer rooms.)

  • Embrace the color blue( We are well aware of the fact that colors play an important role in your appearance. wearing some colors can make you look slimmer or bigger. You’ll be surprised to know that the color of your plate has a similar effect on your appetite increasing or decreasing it. But why the color blue? Scientists have found that people eat 33% less in a blue room. As blue color makes you feel calm and lowers your heart rate and decreases your appetite. No wonder McDonald’s, KFC and burger king use the hunger-provoking color RED instead of calling blue in their restaurants.)

  •  Stop multitasking(When you multitask your mind bounces from one job to another you don’t focus on any one of them, And that includes thoughts of Food, this makes you forget about your diet routine and you end up ruining it all by digging deeper into your snack.)

  • Laugh (Sounds funny right? But laughing can cause the heart to beat faster which increases blood circulation in your body and intense laughter for about an hour burns almost as many calories as weight lifting for 30 minutes.)

Watch this-

Summary: In a time like this, we need to make sure that our body is healthy to fight unseen enemies like coronavirus. Boosting your metabolism will not only make you fit and slimmer but will also help you to fight this virus.

I’ve shared multiple ways to improve your metabolism. Comment below if you have any questions related to this blog-

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