What not to do after Covid-19 vaccination.

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Vaccination saves countless lives every year. Especially after this covid-19 pandemic. Vaccines work by coaching and making ready the body’s […]

Top 5 fitness apps you need in your smartphone.


This blog is about the best fitness apps you need on your smartphone to keep you healthier. I’ve broken down […]

The Negative Effect of climate change on: human health

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Overview- The effect of climate change contains warming temperatures, changes in precipitation, and will increase within the frequency or intensity […]

Disproving Pharmacy Myths.

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There are a lot of Myths related to pharmacies and pharmacists today we are going to Disprove some of them. […]

What are Antibiotics: how it works?(2021)

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In the blog we are mainly going to discuss antibiotics and answer some of your concerns related to Antibiotics, Like: […]